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Industri Designs is a leading company for providing excellent printing and designing services in New York City. The company is having a highly dedicated, professional, and qualified team that is striving hard for providing the best printing services and the state of art printing solutions. Our main focus is quality and we are efficiently offering high quality and top-class printing services with the greatest responsibility of ease.

We are taking pride in serving as a full scale and excellent printing company and our services are greatly focused to improve and boost the business of our clients by a significant magnitude. We are committed to assist our valuable clients by establishing a solid business profile that can distinguish their company from other competitors.

Vision and Mission

Industri design NYC is dedicated and focused to offer and support target-oriented services with unrivaled, effective, precise, and efficient digital quality services by using the latest printing technologies. We are highly motivated to create a constructive and better workplace by taking care of the needs of our customers. Our professional team is offering high-quality services for providing information, suggestions, tips, and knowledge about printing that in turn can effectively streamline their business. Other than this we believe in promoting quality relations with our clients, so they can discuss their desire, needs, and assessments with us, that can be even more fruitful for them.

Large Format Printing Services

Usually this term is referring to the large printing format that can vary between 30-80 inches width. The latest technologies and digital printing services are used for large format printing. It is widely used in public events, commercial advertisements, and interior home decoration. Large format printing has significantly redefined the concept of graphic designing and art at the private and public properties.

Large format printing is different from conventional printing and by using this technique modern banners and presses can be produced at a cheap price and in less time. In the process of large format printing large scale printers are used along with the nozzles. The printing process is very quick and amazing printing results are obtained.

A CMYK color combination is used for the large format printers. However, for the wide-format printing, water-based, and UV inks are used which have good resistance to fading due to environmental extremities and they are wonderful options for the outdoor advertisements.

Large-format banner printing is very useful for making the huge banners to greet the guests and the for the exceptional graphic services for the organization of events. All kinds of companies can contact us for multiple services for large format banner printing.

Poster printing NYC is also offering exceptional services for the production of large-format window graphics. By using these graphics there is a virtual transformation of retail advertisement. In this way many opportunities can be offered along with the reduction in the clutter arising from conventional advertisements.

Duratrans printing

The word Duratrans is used as a short name of Endura Transparency techniques that were developed in mid-1979 by the Kodak company. This concept is widely used for all kinds of large displaying backlit materials for display. We are printing the desired graphics on the translucent base films, and the graphics printing is also possible on the transparent base. In the transparent base, the diffuser and a milky backside membrane are used with the main purpose to increase the light dispersion throughout the surface of the printing banner.

Companies can use this type of printing services for the public display advertisement, points of purchasing displays, lighted wayfinding signages, and the television translites. Although this kind of printing is somewhat expensive, but it is significantly advantageous for the longer periods.

We are offering professional and highly configured models of lightboxes and LED backlit signs for the production of Duratans backlit graphics. We are using 8 different eco-solvent inks that can produce vibrant, rich, and stunning prints that are 20 times greater and stay longer than the other prints.

Other than this they are also resistant to the water and scratches and can tolerate the exposure of UV rays and can remain vivid and bright. Based on our proactive and excellent quality commercial services a bond of trust has been established with our respected customers.

Business Cards Printing

The services for business card printing are divided into two main categories, rush options and non0rush options. In the rush offers the printed business cards can be delivered in only 1 day. The customers can pick their cards soon after the next day of ordering and if they are not able to visit the office, we can deliver these cards at their doorsteps.

Our printed business cards NYC are considered as top-notch due to the quality of printing as we are taking care of each factor. If the customers are interested to make a long-lasting and great impression, then they should be trying our quality services. One of the best reason for hiring our services is that our professional team always ensure that the business cards are innovative and unmatched. The customers will never be getting surprised as we are offering vivid, bold colors, high quality, and durable stock printing on the business cards.

We are leading in the printing industry and we can design and printing business cards with excellent quality professional touch. We are offering a good variety of options for designs and printing services and customers can also upload their own designs and business cards for customization. We are also offering the quality services for editing the titles, names, phone numbers, Email addresses, and other details according to the requirements of the clients. We are also sending a pdf file as a proof so that the clients can review the changes in the cards.

Postcard Printing

Postcard printing NYC is a leisure activity for the various deltiologist. Despite of the fact that modern technologies have greatly facilitated communication but still there is use of postcards, for effective personal and business communications. While traveling people are also using postcards as travel journals. These printed postcards are an excellent way of keeping the memorable stuff and people can also send these cards to their friends and families.

The postcards printed NYC with appealing looks are a wonderful source of adding pleasure to the life and many unique designs can be selected for this purpose. Friendly and clear greetings can also be printed on these cards and the customers can write personal messages on the backsides.

The business companies can use the printed postcards for informing and guiding the public about their approaching events and for dissemination of urgent information. We are customizing postcards according to the needs of the customers and we have satisfied thousands of the customers. Especially the postcards are extremely beneficial for the marketing campaigns and we are creating wonderful cards for promotional activities.

Other than the printed postcards flyer postcards can also be used. These are especially useful for marketing campaigns and for advertisements of products and businesses. We are also offering outstanding services for making the business flyers.

Poster Printing

Poster printing is a printing technique that is used for printing various images on the posters according to the purpose of advertisement. Poster printing includes the vinyl window cling, vinyl banners, and wall graphics. We are a professional poster printing company NYC and we are offering excellent services by using excellent quality printing machines, so various companies should contact us for the promotion of their business and products.

The owners of different companies can use our quality services for the promotion of their business, and for reaching a good number of audiences. There are some key elements that should be considered for the creation of impressive and successful campaigns and we are taking care of all these concepts.

Making cool postures is actually a matter of aesthetic appeal that can greatly improve the quality of the poster and strength of the message. This is an amazing thing to get the excellent success in the poster campaigns. So, if you are ever planning to launch any professional or business services or any products, we must try our services as we are offering excellent quality poster printing.

We are strongly believing that money, effort, and time, are the key factors to be successful and if they are properly managed they can significantly make a greater impact. Other than this the message and its context are also important, so company representatives can decide it according to their own, or we may even help them to edit and make a good message.

Banner Printing

Banner printing NYC is extremely beneficial for improving the visibility of brands by advertising the products and services. These banners can be used to reach a great number of customers, so it is very beneficial for public awareness and recognition. Banner printing services are also known as roll-up banners, popup banners, or retractable banners. These banners are very compact and efficient as compare to the conventional printing services.

The nature of retractable banner is portable and is an excellent way for displaying the advertisements. One of the important benefits is that the banner can be easily slid back to the base unit. The use of stand up banner is essentially useful to get the attraction of clients at the appropriate locations. Retractable banner stands and tabletop banners are widely used by the various companies in the NYC for enhancing the visibility at various exhibitions and trade shows. Additionally, they have good use in the storefront and the in-store displays.

By using eye-catching printing services and designs and by adding the contact information and offers companies can attract a good number of customers. In this way the visibility of the services being offered in enhanced and the business can grow remarkably.

Our highly dedicated and professional team is providing quality services to design and print the excellent banners along with the durability and ease of mind. We are offering aluminum-framed bodies of the banners to make an easy setup that can be conveniently transported.

Printing Services

The NYC printing services are extremely beneficial to the business and many companies are using these services to convey messages or information for the advertisement of various products and businesses. Printing services are also important for the manufacturing companies, and by using these services they can introduce the features of their services to the many people.

Printing agencies are offering various services that are extremely valuable to the businesspersons. Especially, printing services are significantly important for the show business, as the field of Films and TV also needs to promote their business, and this can be done by using the printing services. The public is also interested in the new television ad film shows. The posters and billboards are also needed creativity, and we are offering professional services to fulfill the requirements of the customers. Other than this we are also offering a good level of customization so that the customers are satisfied with the final product.

Generally, printing is beneficial for all kinds of industries and businesses, and various important functions for getting the attention of clients can be obtained. The printing products are distributed in the various sectors so the information is disseminated to the various people.

Digital Printing Services

In the digital printing field, digital technology is used for printing the images on the posters and banners or on any sheet of paper or substrate. We are serving our best competency and services for and a good range of digital printing solutions.

With the advancement in the latest technology, digital printing NYC has gained significant importance and various business organizations are also using it for the promotion of their products and business. Digital services along with graphic designing are the best ones to promote the message as it can create eye-catching looks of the banners and posters.

Business organizations should use this, as digital printing is very cost-effective as compared to the other printing services. Digital printing is highly demanding as it offers on time and instant printing and the projects can be customized in a short time. Also, the image can be greatly modified for all kinds of impressions.

We are offering excellent digital printing services and can also do modifications according to the interest of the customers. We can print multiple sheets in a short time, and there will be no compromise on the quality. So, either the demand of customers is traditional, or digital printing, our highly dedicated and professional team is all times ready to assist valuable clients in the best possible way.

Canvas Printing

In the canvas printing NYC there is printing of the image on the canvas stuff that is often gallery wrapped or stretched on any frame and then it is displayed. Canvas printing is used as a piece of art or as a means for the production of other kinds of arts.

Canvas printing is an excellent source to get the attraction of customers from all age groups. As canvas printing is eye-catching and many people are liking it to a great extent, so there is a good possibility that they will also be reading the message and other information that is printed by using the canvas printing techniques. Although, canvas printing is somehow costly, but the price is really worth of the excellent results. This kind of printing can also be used for some special occasions and for spreading a specific or special message.

We are taking pride in offering canvas printing services and are always ready to provide top-notch quality services at a reasonable price. We are having faith and believe that the success of our customers is our success, so we are getting happy to see the promotion of their business products. Not only we are offering unique services but are also offering customization services.


Industri designs and printing services are offering excellent services and our team is highly dedicated and professional. We have a sound belief that quality work is speaking for itself, and our work quality is our introduction and strength. In today’s fast-changing and competitive, and fragmented market place we are leading the printing industry sector by the delivery of cost-effective and innovative printing services according to the demand of valuable clients. Other than the printing services we are also offering SEM, SEO solutions, graphic designing, and web designing services that can be extremely beneficial for business growth.


In the modern age of science and technology, printing has become an important part of routine life. Many companies, and organizations are using the

printing services to promote their specific products and business activities in the targeted areas. While, there are many companies offering printing services, but Industri design printing services are offering all kinds of excellent quality printing services along with modification in the message and designing. The quality work is always a major reason behind success and by the utilization of renowned and excellent quality printing services, the business owners can lead their business to the next heights.