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You just get one opportunity to make a life-changing first impression. What’s more, making a comp card is one of the best ways to do it. A comp cards model easily gets the attention of casting and audition team. The composite card or model comp cards serve both as an actor mini-portfolio and business card. Any businessman would tell you about the importance of business cards for their business success. Comp cards are more important to model than business cards are to businessmen. Comp cards have been the essential advertising tool in modeling industry. They are known by a few unique names, such as Z Card, Zed Card, Comp Card, Sed Card, and Composite Card. High-quality comp card printing with stunning pictures along with relevant details may very well be everything necessary to pull in a positive response from a casting director. A well-formatted and printed comp cards for modeling may lead to your next acting job. So, you can see that comp cards are profoundly significant advertising and promotional toll for genuine on-screen characters and models If you want to stand out from the crows with a compelling and eye-catching comp card, then Industri Designs is your ultimate destination. We provide excellent comp card printing services that will get the attention of audience in the first look.

Make a Powerful Impression

A comp card is the most significant thing you take with you to casting calls, as with a comp card, you can leave a positive and enduring impression on casting team. If the team needs to go over your details, they have all the details in that spot on your comp card. Model’s comp card is a card that normally has the model’s headshot on the front and three to five pictures on the back that show the scope of the model’s capacity. Comp cards for modeling are printed on a thick card stock and are given out to potential customers during castings and modeling auditions.

Model Comp Card Printing Services

Industri Designs has the best client services for models and modeling companies that need model comp cards printing services. With years of experiences, expert team and latest printing technologies, we offer the best comp card printing services in New York. Moreover, we provide a variety of custom printing of comp cards for modeling to make a great first impression. Whether you need a folded comp cards or laminated headshots with a beautiful glossy finish, our team of professionals will provide what you need. Our expert graphic designer will work with you to design the ideal office comp card to stand apart among the others.

Model Comp Card Printing

You invested much time, money and effort into the photographs that make up your modeling portfolio, so use a printing company that provides the best model comp card printing services. Don’t use a cheap quality printer that makes your comp card horrible. At Industri Designs, we offer quality comp card printing services as per your demands. Act now and create a big impression in your modeling career with a compelling comp card.