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Duratrans and backlit products are the best way to glow your image in visual marketing. These attract more visitors and get better viewer attraction as compared to reflective graphics. Backlit posters stand out because of color saturation and brilliance. Besides, these can be seen from a far distance than a regular poster.

Backlit printing needs can vary and have a strong impact on visual graphics. Here at Industi Designs, our team of experts will offer top-class duratrans printing services to achieve your success. Whether it is fluorescent light tubes or LED, we are highly committed to defining your light source. Our professional will provide help with the color approval that balances your light source as well as actual backlit material that is used in the final product. Do you want to use backlit graphics for outdoor or indoor purposes? Whatever your choice is, we assure you that your images are perfectly displayed all times no matter how dark or bright lighting condition is.

If you are looking for backlit photo printing or any other visual marketing graphics in New York, we have the expertise to meet your needs effectively. With years of experience, skilled technicians, and state-of-the-art technology, we deliver the best-backlit film printing services at highly reasonable rates. Duratrans are widely used in movie theatre boxes, bus stops, exhibitions, airport signs, posters, window presentations, and many more.  Our trained staff takes pride in offering highest quality of duratrans printing with 100% commitment without compromising the quality of products.


Back-lit Applications

Our compelling and reliable backlit graphics are highly durable and can be used in a wide range of ways. Most importantly, backlit are quite popular in the following locations:

  • Airports   Dioramas at airports use backlit materials to light up your message.
  • Events  If you are looking for a better way to attract your audience, backlit poster is your first choice for upcoming event.
  • Museums  You can also be used backlit at your museum exhibition to show versatility using photo or film backlit.
  • Retail  These can also be used as a powerful marketing tool for retail industries. For example, restaurants and other stress easily get noticed by passer-by with eye-catching duratrans.
  • Trade Shows  Moreover, duratrans creates an inviting atmosphere for variety of audience in trade shows. Now create a perfect engaging environment using backlit graphics and stand out from the crowd.

What Exactly Is Duratrans?

Duratrans are a thin flexible translucent film that means that it can be backlit. So, backlit film printing needs special equipment and trained professionals. It has been used as industry standard as it produces top-notch graphics with glowing, crispy and brilliant colors. The picture is exposed to film utilizing red, green and blue (RGB) lasers before being ‘wet’ handled and created similarly as a traditional photo. These Duratrans should not be confused with media prints. We print all our Duratrans with the help of highest quality materials using digital files.

Where Might You Use Duratrans Printing?

Businesses and companies use duratrans printing both for indoor and outdoor settings and for a wide range of services. You can choose your desired duratrans depending on your business. For example,

  • Menu boards
  • Window display signs
  • Backlit signs
  • Point of purchase displays

What Are the Advantages of Duratrans Printing?

Duratrans printing has the following advantages:

  • Create full shading pictures that look extraordinary, both nearby and from a distance.
  • Create signage and promoting that can be seen in low light conditions and around evening time, just as during the daytime.
  • You can easily change pictures that you are using: Since the Duratrans print is just fixed to a lightbox, you can easily remove and replace it as you like.
  • Great way to attract the attention of visitors, clients, and passers-by: Backlit photo is attractive, memorable and easily readable.

Backlit photo printing could be the best for your brand and company needs. In case you are searching to create a big impact on your potential customers, backlit posters a great way to achieve your success. Grow your customer base with perfect marketing strategy using backlit posters and signs.

Here at Industri Designs, we offer a high-quality configuration of lightboxes, LED-backlit signs for Duratrans backlit photo printing. We have tons of expertise duratrans printing and print in 8 colors eco-solvent inks. These inks produce excellent and glowing prints that are 20 times richer than normal prints. Moreover, these can withstand harsh conditions and resistant to scratch, water, UV light, sunlight, etc. Your satisfaction is our success and we take pride in your satisfaction. Our team of experts provides the best customer service and always maintain a solid and healthy relationship with our customers. So, if you want to build a strong image of your brand or stand out among other competitors with eye-catching marketing strategy, backlit is the best for you.

You should consider following factors before using the backlit poster

Duratrans are expensive because of costly materials and production processes. However, after installation these last for years to come that balance the initial production costs. Skilled and highly trained staff to create backlit photos or posters. Besides, specialized and latest technology is also required for a special film, which makes it display more expensive. However, because of its high cots you can use it for a longer period of time. But if you have plans to replace or change signs with the passage of time, then there are other best options available for you as per your budget. Usually, it takes 2-4 days for backlit film printing regular duratrans printers. But using fastest printers, you can complete the printing process within a day. In short, latest advancement in production process enable you to get final product in less time. As you need a professional backlit film printing company because of its high production costs, Industri Designs is the right spot for you to meet your needs at affordable rates. Our trained experts will help you to create a worthy and compelling advertising option with top-notch duratrans printing services.