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In the marketing industry, large format printing is one of the significant promotional means that has gained much popularity in recent years. The advantage of having a bigger medium to work with is the excellence of large format graphics, as the size of your outputs is bigger using a wide format printer. Businesses and companies across the globe consider large format printing as an exceptional and successful tool in advancing business development.

Difference Between Traditional and Large Format Printing

The major difference between traditional and large format printing is that traditional presses produce small print sizes while on the other hand large banners are produced at a faster pace with modern presses and at quite cheaper rates. Moreover, graphics and print quality have greatly improved because of perfect image production and best color chemistry. A large-scale printer is used to print large format graphics and printing process is quite fast and output is excellent and great. UV inks are used in the printing process that is fade-resistant and the best option for outdoor advertisements.

Benefits of Large Format Printing

Large format printing increases brand recognition

Without a doubt, one of the advantages of Large format printing NYC is that it can improve your brand visibility quite effectively! This kind of printing will get your company easily noticed and will make customers remember your brand name for a longer period of time. In today’s saturated market, it is very hard to make a long-lasting impression. However, when you use Industri Designs large format printing New York services, you’ll undoubtedly stand apart from all your competitors.

Oversized printing goes the distance

Clearly, large or wide format printing will be significantly more attractive, even from large distances. You’ll improve your rate of investment when you can attract clients from down the road! Since your company or brand slogan or message is clearly visible from far off, you won’t ever need to worry that your venture won’t work out. You’ll have the option to catch the attention of your potential clients and reel them in, which converts into expanded deals and, possibly, more prominent brand recognition.

Large-scale printing is versatile

The best part is that large format printing can be used on a wide range of advertising materials. From banners or posters to stickers, a quality print shop can utilize larger than average printing to get your business stand out. This likewise enables you to think with more creativity and use these promoting materials in new manners. Also, this kind of printing can be utilized in various manners, you’ll have the option to promote your business effectively and consistently.

Make A Big Impact with Custom Large Format Printing

Most often businesses feel that standard printers aren’t ready to meet their printing needs. Using a wide format printer, surprising pictures with astonishing clarity are made with the help of droplet technology during the printing procedure. These large printers can recognize the difference between content and pictures and offer quick print speeds. A business can make great promotional materials that get customers’ attention with top-class and high-quality images. Industri Designs is offering large format printing services in New York for all your brand visibility needs. If you need to have a genuine effect, you have to pull out all the stops. Wide-format printing is a powerful method to advance and expand your business and its message on a large scale. Industri Designs offers a variety of large format printing NYC services to suit your particular needs. From custom vinyl banners or posters to mounted canvas, we make it simple to make a perfect and look in a BIG manner.

In today’s digital world, advertisement is the best way to promote your business and achieve success. So, promoting materials should be wealthy in graphics and colors. The objective is to effectively grasp clients’ attention and perfect pass on whatever message it is that you need them to understand. Large format graphics allows marketing and advertising professionals to:

  • Increase product visibility
  • Make rich posters
  • Design banner ads
  • Create stunning campaigns
  • Promote brand awareness
  • Large Format Banner Printing

How Can Large Format Color Printing Help Your Efforts?

There are various ways that you can use large format custom printing into your advertising efforts. But it requires a little creative mind and you can employ this one of a kind printing format to grow your client base.

Custom Shaped Posters and Prints:

Who says you need to stay with square shapes when you can make exceptional and unique posters and other oversized prints for your needs? You can make a poster using your logo or maybe one that matches the primary subject of the printing. Your creativity is the only limit with regards to customized shapes for your large format graphics.

Double-Sided Banners:

We frequently consider the one side, yet shouldn’t something be said about the other? With large format printers, you can print on the two sides with the goal that you can have a similar message or an alternate one that gets the attention of potential clients on the two sides.


You do not need to worry about whether or climatic unexpected disturbances that destroy your banners or posters. With large format printing they are produced using the right materials and have the best possible protection. This implies you can leave them outside or expose for longer time to keep your audience educated about what you are doing.

There’s a ton of pressure on companies and businesses to go absolutely digital nowadays, yet as a general rule, traditional marketing forms are frequently still increasingly powerful. For example, printed materials will, in general, be more captivating than digital or computerized promotions, which are regularly skimmed over in only 15 seconds. However, when clients see and feel something engaging, they’re typically bound to recall and follow up on it. That is the reason many businesses get success with large format printing. It’s a flexible and charming approach to connect with your group of spectators and enhance your presence. If you are searching for trusted large format printing service provider in New York, then Industri Designs is the right place for you. It offers top-class large format printing New York services with ease and efficiency.